About Me

Hi everyone. My name is Emelia. I’m so happy you stopped by. I was named after my maternal grandma. Italian was my first language. I was 10 before I spoke English. No one and I mean no one spoke English in the family except for my father and he worked a couple hundred miles away in Little Falls, NY and only came home on the weekend, so I struggled through school not knowing any English. Family members had to pick me up almost every school day because I would cry not understanding anyone. My family on both side were Italian. My mom came from northern Italy, actually in the Alps. It was known as the Piedmont (the language is Piedmontese) region. To get to her little town (cittadina), you started the climb from the little town below. You manuvered around the road like jack in the beanstalk. Every bline spot, you would beep the horn in case there was traffic coming down. Once on top, there was only 15-20 families. When you got to a clearing you could see Milano. It was so breathtaking. Every one helped everyone to harvest their crops. (They had long tables set up to put the veggies on) Then, everyone had a job to do. Some cleaned the veggies, others cut up and others had firewood ready to build a fire to can their harvest. The next day, it was time to do someone else’s harvest. Then, of course, there were women cooking meals on each harvesting day, as well as bread on the fire to keep everybody’s belly full.

This is where I brought home to America, great recipes from, like they say, “The Old Country”.

Love of Food and your love of blogs

My father, on the other hand, was the baby in the family, number 8 of 8 brothers and sisters, 3 of them born in the United States. Other 5 were born in a little town located in Salone, Italia, a providence of La Bruts. There the dishes prepared weren’t even close to the northern region. The dishes were great also, but completely different. The Italian life is so great.

Now, going to a different region, where my cousins by marriage lived, north of Salone, is Ceccano a town and comune in the province of Frosinone, Lazio, central Italy. They really experience “LA DOLCE VITA” known as “The Sweet Life” I’ll go into all those regions I mentioned at a later date.

So, getting back to why I’ve created a food blog. This is the first time ever that I have created a blog, let alone a food blog. My love for cooking came at a very early age like 10 years old. My mom was the best cooking and baking ever. It became apparent that if I listen well, I would soon be producing the greatest meals ever. Mom never had a written recipe. Every ingredient was imprinted in my head. When I attempted to write the recipes down, it would be a little of this and a little of that. If you knew my mom, you’d have to laugh because she was so cute when she cuffed her palm. So, I’ll try to give you my favorite recipe, some I still do a little of this and a little of that. But, they are all great ones for you to try.